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Next Clinic – 25th January 2015

Our Next Clinic will be two 1.5 hour sessions in groups of 3 or 4 on  Saturday 25th Jan.

If you would like to join please do let me know via the FB page or via email – 10 am and 12 pm.

We can cater for all abilities and weather permitting finishing on the all weather gallop and XC fences. It is really good fun and good practice!! £25 per horse. Back protectors required please.

Dates will be released soon for further clinics for show jumping, XC Schooling, Flatwork and Dressage so watch this space.


Spring & Summer events at Everleigh Equestrian will include clear round show jumping and beginners dressage competitions – dates will be released once it stops raining in the Spring!!

28th September Last summer event of 2013 !!

Dressage in the field £10.00 a class or £15.00 for both classes (same horse & rider combination) Class 1 – Intro A
Class 2 – Prelim ~

Clear Round Show Jumping from 10am to 2pm. £4.00 a round enter on the day

As a special – Clear round XC for £15.00 per combination. Please contact Ted regarding details.

DRESSAGE IS PRE ENTER ONLY – Please send all details to Ted.

As always any questions please do let me know. Hope to see you there !!

Olympic Training?

media/news/IMG_1066-(640x427).jpg We were honoured and excited to see Willam Fox Pitt training some of his young horses here with us.  Our jumping lane through the woods and cross country course are ideal for youngsters and a pre season run out!  So don’t delay in coming to visit us.




Model almost came a cropper!

media/news/IMG_1100-(640x434).jpg We did have a giggle the other day, when our photoshoot stars Bryan Elliott and Bugsy almost came a cropper at the water.  Bugsy – more of a showjumper these days due to his notoriously bad form at water whilst eventing, nearly had Bryan off whilst doing the photo shoot for the new website.  Bryan was seen hanging on round Bugsys neck as he cantered on as if nothing had happened!  Compusure was regained and the photoshoot thankfully continued with no more mishaps!