Outdoor School

The school measuring 40 metres by 30 metres has a rubber surface. It is equipped with show jumps and is floodlit.

Cross country Course

With over 35 jumps this is suited to novice riders, young horses, pre-season warm up-or just for fun.

Round Pen

This has an all-weather rubber surface, flood lighting and provides for schooling. It measures 15 metres in diameter.



We have an all-weather canter with jumping lanes so horses can be exercised on the premises and we are surrounded by Salisbury Plain on which to ride out.

Stabling for visitors/ visiting teams

Stabling is available at £30 per night.

Assistance, advice and supervision of horses

Help with horses is usually available from John when he is around. Livery owners may organise their own instructor. The horses are regularly looked at in the fields and in the stables.


Owners and visitors must abide by the livery rules including the wearing of hard hats and back-protectors. Children and dogs must be under strict supervision.